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The love of playful textile design

With months in the making, our new collection is ready to launch. We really wanted to tell our story in a fresh way and share more about what we love and care about. Indus at its heart is about a passion for textiles and essential design elements. This fundamental connection with raw materials and natural fibres is only the beginning of a long journey.
The art of the human hand is involved at all stages bringing relationships at every level. These relationships have become incredibly important to us, they bring meaning and are constant reminder of what matters. We feel privileged to have developed friendships with our makers that share the love of making textile art.


This season we took our wares to Gabion Hill at Glenlyon country Victoria to photograph and create a visual story about the collection. In amongst the landscape we revelled in all the styling possibilities and found peace in the green. Increasingly we are drawn to open space and opportunities to spend time appreciating nature.

Our gorgeous few days gave us the chance to reveal what we have been creating, think about what’s next and begin the journey again.

Every season Indus adds new elements to the range broadening our horizons and extending the offer in each category. We aim to create a freshness and vitality to the collection by introducing an abundance of new styles and colour palettes that reflect the beginning of a new season. With the change in weather we are reminded of the external natural forces that influences our daily choices. What we wear and how we decorate our spaces is an expression of our individualism and personality. Freedom to express in all its forms is cause for celebration.

Deborah and Jeffrey George
Indus Design