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Melbourne-based textile brand Indus was founded in 2009 by Deborah and Jeffrey George.

Defined by their unique and innovative approach to design practice, the duo draw on their intimate understanding of Australia’s retail landscape to create a versatile and modern aesthetic.

As creative director, Deborah harnesses her vast experience to curate two distinct collections each year. She is passionate about textile design and is continually inspired by timeless shapes and the inherent artistry of nature.

Often returning to her experience working with Japanese design, she errs on the side of paring pattern back, yet understands the careful balance required to add more within any given canvas.

Indus scarf and poncho designs reflect current seasonal trends and ensure the use of soft yet durable fabrics for practical wearability. Indus Baby imagines characters in classic yet contemporary colour palettes blending elements of playfulness and refined simplicity.

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The Founders

Entering the retail space in 1996 with Melbourne based store RAP Products, Deborah and Jeffrey bring their hands on experience to Indus’s core beliefs, values and standards of service. Their own partnership is built on implicit trust and understanding forming the basis of their business ethic.

At the heart of the Indus brand lies a commitment to using premium natural fabrics. Starting with the raw cloth – weave and quality have always been paramount. Indus uses 100% Indian cotton and silk, as well as high grade Indian and New Zealand Merino wool. The Indus brand name pays homage to the Indus river that flows through the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. This region is distinguished for it’s exceptional standard in textile quality.

Deborah and Jeffrey are proud of their longstanding connection to India and are humbled by the people and families with whom they have established lasting relationships and continue to work with. It is an intricate part of what makes each collection memorable and beautiful.

Indus is committed to ethical practices and transparency from start to the finish. Producing Indus scarves using methods of silk screening and hand painting requires close communication and an appreciation for the quirks and finer details of the process. The collaboration of Deborah’s strong design focus and the traditional hand crafted techniques of skilled artisans, forms the unique creative direction of Indus.


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